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is an architecture firm based in Monza, Italy by two young architects, Andrea Zecchetti and Francesco Nobili.

The multi disciplinary approach and the work on different project sizes are the main focus of the studio, with a particular interest on building reuse as a re-interpretation of the architectural layering. 

We develop projects from concept to details, with focus on production and construction stages. Each project is therefore an opportunity to explore the relationship between new and existent, rules and new entity, materiality and domestic spaces.

Farewell Facility 


The farewell facility is a re-qualification project of the existing building stock. A deep retrofitting that transforms the pre-existence. Starting from the old structure the new function adapts itself to it and at the same time it shapes the spaces and materiality. This new purpose leads to a deep reflection about customs and traditions. Iconic spaces and ascetic materiality are brought into public and work spaces. A spacial identity that transcends social and cultural boundaries.

Farewell Facility

Premio Federico Maggia '15


Starting from an industrial process a temporary installation made of paper is set into a historical woolen mill of Banca Sella Foundation. Premio Maggia is a shortlist competition where young practices are called to reflect about the re-use of industrial heritage. It is here that we thought that the happening of a new perpetual movement could produce and transform space, becoming the artifact, matrix and archetype of a new architecture. A kinetic machine, with its own life, preserves the spirituality of the place. Self-generating and potentially infinite, the "process" becomes the true meaning of the operation, generating a mock-up of a symbiotic element that adapts to the place. This defines a texture, a surface and a covering. The choice of the single unit itself is futile enough to become a playful object that delivers an industrial, atypical and each time personalized ornament according to the production and to a codified language.

Federico Maggia

Temporary Stand


This temporary wall stand is the answer to a company request to show his brand. The project shows the identity and approach of the brand through an alternative materiality, using indeed recycled cardboard boxes and led bulbs.   Almost using advertising rules, this temporary architecture built up a direct relationship with the spectators.

Temporary Stand
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