Warehouse of Architecture and Research

is an architectural studio based in Rome, Italy. WAR was founded in Rome in 2013. Its essence lies between the concept of a mannerist architecture studio and an independent space for research in the contemporary practice. The Warehouse of Architecture and Research is extremely tied to the roman culture. Theory alongside practice, dialogue before design. In the warehouse, a collective hive-mind of documents, books and drawings, the team elaborates architectures and books, exhibitions and furnitures, schemes of urban development and questionable ideas.

Roman Rhapsody

2019 - Rome, Italy - Project team: G.Corbo, J. Costanzo, V. Guerrisi - Collaborators: L.M. Balestrazzi, D. Cohen, A. Papageorgiou, A. Tanzola - Photographer: Flavia Rossi

This apartment, located in the historic center of Rome - adjacent to the church of Saint Anthony of the Portuguese by Martino Longhi il Giovane, has been transformed through interventions of renovation and restoration into a residence for a young professional. The interior space, filled with a great abundance of artworks and designers’ furnishings, almost becomes an ephemeral apparatus, whose rooms embrace the Folies du Roi. The intention was to outline a harmonious environment, able to relate both to the strategic position of the building and to the extravagances of its tenant. The spatial layout, which remained almost unchanged, is articulated by means of a sequence of rooms, unexpectedly versatile, which allows infinite possibilities of communication between the areas. A subdivision by strophes that becomes a narrative instrument and a key to understanding the apartment. Each room is treated as a closed space, almost in competition with the others.