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Apartment Renovation

Rome, Italy - 2017 

The western wing of Palazzo Doria Pamphilj was built between XVIII and XIX century to house rental apartments, and this is still today its main function. The project aims to establish an articulated and meaningful spacial sequence between the monumental common spaces of the Palazzo – such as the spacious staircase leading to the apartment – and its interior. This is achieved through the creation of a vaulted space, which welcomes the guests and at the same time provides a soft diffused lighting. The relationship between the baroque articulation of the palazzo and the project is merely spatial, since the intervention is quite silent and stripped bare of any stylistic or trivial connotations. The suspended setting resulting from the combination of abstract white surfaces and a soft diffused lighting provides a silent background for the mise-en-scène of the client’s collection of objects and paintings. The space is further articulated through the use of mirrors which reflect the vaults and alter the perception of the masonry load bearing walls. This introduces a tension within the regular and defined arrangement of the rooms around a light shaft.

Garden Pavilion 

Siena, Italy - 2018 

The Garden Pavilion is a temporary structure built inside the Certosa Di Pontignano, an ancient charterhouse located in thecountryside outside Siena which dates back to thirteenth century. The pavilion fills up one quarter of the entrance cloister, one of the four courts around which the complex is articulated. The metal structure derives from a 12 x 12 meters square in plan, formed by triangular modules. Two modules are removed to make room for the ancient well at the centre of the cloister and a cypress at the centre of the pavilion. The inclined roof, from which emerges the giant tree, sits on a regular grid of columns and articulates the volume of the pavilion. Its slope is aligned with the diagonal of the courtyard and gives the structure an ambiguous scale mediating from the modest size of the well in its lowest part (2,2metres) to the monumental arcades of the sixteenth century porch in its tallest corner measuring 4 metres. The perimeter of the space is defined by a membrane of micro-perforated curtains which enable a limited degree of transparency between the interior and exterior.

Cochrane Store 

Rome, Italy - 2018 

How to show and shield at the same time? The project mediates between these two opposite needs in the small space of a jewellery boutique and laboratory located in the historical neighbourhood of Trastevere, Rome. The design focuses on the perimeter of the space, which is articulated through the use of reflective, partially transparent and opaque materials. A perforated steel sheet is laminated inside the storefront window glass in order to define a threshold between outside and inside. The perforated steel protects the small interior from the street while a number of cut-outs allow to display jewellery in the window and to peep inside the shop. The interior space is articulated trough the combination of mirrors of different colours, the silver travertine stone flooring, stainless steel surfaces and wooden panels. The perception of the real boundaries of the space is challenged through the use of mirrors in the niches and corners, where different materials meet.