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is an architectural studio based in Paris, France.


Paris - 2017 - Photography: Maxime Delvaux


The aim of this building is to promote the establishment of young companies in the tertiary sector by offering a progressive rent over a period of five years. In order to provide workspaces capable of evolving along with the needs of companies, the building is conceived as an autonomous construction wherein all facades benefit from a principal orientation. It is situated at the center of the plot and designed as a simple and unitary volume, each facade forming a composition of large bays underlined by aluminium frames. The idea is to create the impression of an islet rising from the surrounding asphalt. The glazing alternates from floor to ceiling with clear and black glass. The building appears as Venturian shed, decorated with a miesian façade. The single-storey layout and the metal structure, typical of the surrounding industrial warehouses, allows easy access and flexible workspaces, organized around independent technical cores.

Saclay - Public Condenser

Campus Saclay , Paris - 2016 - Photography: Maxime Delvaux


This university centre is a place of shared and mutualised activities, meant to encourage exchanges between campus users : students, researchers, teachers and local employees. The building is an architectural symbol that prefigures the active and urban futures of Saclay's campus. The different activities are organised in a series of superimposed terraces that range from a public square to a wide roof-terrace dedicated to sports. A café, a university restaurant, a reception and entertainment area, fitness rooms and outdoor playgrounds are suspended vertically to provide, at every level, a panoramic view on the landscape of the plateau of Saclay. As they are visibly displayed on the exterior of the project, the activities themselves become the real facade of the building. A double monumental staircase, which serves as a central public space, visually and functionally articulates the various programs. This organization forges an open and flexible space, which operates 24 hours a day. All activites are accessible independently from the stair. On the scale of the district, a public square between the existing Engineering School and the future campus centre composes a new public space ideal for meetings and events, while serving all users of the community.


RIVP - Stendhal

Paris - 2017 - Photography: Maxime Delvaux  

The project responds to the challenge of combining three different programs along Rue Stendhal in Paris : social housing, nursery and emergency centre. The organization of the building allows all three programs to coexist peacefully and take advantage of the unique features of the site such as: privacy, natural lighting in the nursery, independence, and large exterior spaces for the dwellings. The emergency shelter is arranged to be compact and provides multiple views and orientations. Sitting on a hill, the building stands in dialogue with the large horizon of the East Paris landscape. Its volumes are designed to maximize energy efficiency and user comfort. The courtyard, balconies and dwellings are oriented to achieve the best sun angles all year round. Each volume preserves distant views to neighbouring condominiums, and aims to blend cohesively into the skyline of the neighbourhood and eastern Paris. The inward facing elevation opens up to the linear garden at the rear of the building which brings light and fresh air into the dwellings and the nursery.

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