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rotunno justman 

is an architectural office based in Paris, France. 

The Franco-Italian agency created by Maria Giulia Rotunno and Ary Justman in 2017 moved to Paris in September 2019. The two partners, former collaborators at the Sou Fujimoto agency, are passionate about Japanese culture and share a humanist, social and environmental approach to architecture today.

A new temporale strate. This new floor stands out from the rest of the house by its resolutely contemporary vocabulary which is keen to interact with past heritage.

On this top floor, the new roof addresses three different slopes in alignment with the existing parts.

The differentiation of the slopes and the appearance of three distinct volumes is an architectural desire responding to a programmatic need but also in order to avoid a massive and monolithic project, crushing the existing house. In this register, the fault, central to the project, leads to a volumetric rupture.

Thus, a space crossed by light. A glass crossing then comes to dig the volume. This then makes it possible to lighten the extension to cut its horizontality, modifying the exterior facade to elevate and refine the house. In addition, this light strip brings an undeniable spatial quality to the project which begins a new dialogue between interior and exterior.

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Vaucresson, France - 2019 -  Photographer: Giaime Meloni

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Paris, France - 2019 - Photographer: Giaime Meloni

Located in the Marais in Paris, this room, formerly divided into two spaces, was abandoned for a few years. We tried to find the nobility of the place by restoring the materials to their original essence: terrazzo, stone wall... The main space consists of a very large table where employees can work. An opaque then transparent curtain of «butcher» crosses the offices in their length and defines spaces without closing them. Thus the place, crossing, retains its luminosity while modulating different workspaces.

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