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Comrade Animal

Nova Milanese, Italy -  2018 

Comrade Animal is a project curated by Parasite 2.0 for the 59th edition of the International Art Award Bugatti-Segantini with the support of Bice Bugatti Foundation. During the customary preliminary research phase of this project, we came across a meme which very soon became the starting point of the project itself. It immediately dawned on us that this meme was a condensation of the different themes we wanted to develop with the ‘Comrade Animal’ exhibition and its collection of contents.The diptych accompanied by its caption, seemed to contain all of the different aspects we have taken into consideration for this project.  
The trolling meme, with a clearly xenophobic and racist intention, compares a photo of a wooden hut with the caption “Africans today” to the design of an architecture built by beavers with “beavers millions of years ago.” At the bottom: "who's the better architect?". The elements that we can extract are several. The racism of the western man towards the African continent is certainly the underlying goal; and in order to denigrate the African continent, man is compared to an animal.


Terni Festival, Italy - 2018

Moonscape is a pavilion for the Terni's 2018 Theater and performing arts festival. Connected to the curatorial frame of the festival, the pavilion works on the difference between interior and exterior, open and close space. A simple circular shape made of wooden panels and held up by a steel structure hides inside a complex spatiality. The floor inside is covered with a PVC hologram film and cushions and benches made of pale pink sponge let the visitors seat and live the space