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is an architectural studio based in Corsica.

Observatoires du cerf corse


Parc Naturel régional de Corse - 2017

The corsican deer, an endemic species that disappeared in 1969, is now resurrecting along the years thanks to a reintroduction program led by the Corsican Natural Regional Park in 1985. This program, very successful, is now entering a second phase mainly based on information and education in order to raise people’s awareness regarding the fragility of the species. At first, Regional Natural Park of Corsica intended to order pre-manufactured observatories, but we have proposed to the Park to design them and to make them build by local artisans while respecting the budget. The modest observatories, are located in the moutains of Regional Park of Corsica, scattered in three distinct areas: Venaco, Castifao and Quenza. Made of local wood (« Laricio » : andemic pine), they unveils an architecture at the service of nature. As evidenced by the interplay of shadow and light crossing the wooden slats, the project aims at blending into the landscape without actually disappearing. Built by local artisans, the viewpoints all have matching rectilinear forms that resemble tree trunks, but are adapted to suit their specific locations. Each observatory is designed to be adapted to its ground, surrounding rocks for example, and also adapted to its context, especially the views we wanted to offer to observe the deers, which explains why some of the observtories are more vertical than others.

Observtoires du cerd corse

Casa R. House for an artist

Village of Sotta, Corsica - 2019


Casa R project is established in a sensitive and complex landscape. Located at the very end of the village of Sotta (South Corsica), where the urban development area ended. The ground is a succession of rocks with a huge vertical drop, facing Omu di Cagna Mountain Range. In order to rightly insert the volume between two rocky spurs, we imagined a very simple and vertical house that would have a minimum impact on the ground. Taking into account its context and a tight budget, this project is very mineral and made as a simple volume sandblasted concrete in order to highlight its aggregate that converse with the surrounding rocks. Imagined as a stone bloc built to shelter a programm, this work has very different interior ambiences made of different heights and wood windows.

Casa R

Vigna Maggiore


Village of Olmeto, Corsica - 2019

The project site reveals landscape qualities through its remarkable century-old trees (eucalyptus and Olivier), a framing on the sea, but also through a granite geological base offering an ochre tuff, source of inspiration. The preference was to fully realize the geography of the site becoming the raw material of the project. Agriculture, being a deep part of the history of Corsica, constitutes tillage of the soil, of the land, with a view to crop production. In this historical continuity, the project was designed in stabilized and compacted earth concrete to tell the history of the site. The horizontal strata realized by the implementation of this material, visible on the facades, talk about the stratification of the ground as a kind of geological cut. The project is born from the ground through a concrete site where the thickness becomes program and where the games of light, of shade, reveal each block and let us perceive the uses. The material will then be dug, excavated in the thick part of the building while a light passageway, carried by thin centered posts, playing with the trees, comes to frame the sea and the landscape. A certain confusion then appears between architecture and nature which the alternation between concrete and metallic poles accentuates.

Vigna Maggiore
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