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A productive Archipelago

Narvik, Norway - 2017 - Collaborator: Tobia Davanzo

The city of Narvik hosts one of the most important research centre for new technologies and climate studies in Scandinavia. A large community of students, researchers and workers from different parts of the world lives and works in this small city mostly known as a fundamental logistic hub in Norway. As part of this process, the new technical quarter will be a key element of this trasformation, where research, together with cultural and public functions, share the same space. This archipelago of different architectures will be an urban place for productive activities and a new epicentre for the whole Narvik. Each building, as in a proper archipelago, has its own strong identity and function. There is a residential unit related to the streetscape of Kongensgate with an open ground floor, an office tower that visually connects the project site with Stein Rokkans Plass, a new small-industry workshop and a central building with a public arena, workshops and a museum. The new technical quarter is a plurality of elements that exist thanks to their reciprocal autonomy. It is an ensemble of build- ings that is open to the city, a flexible public frame for the whole Narvik community where cultural and productive activities are able to mix and meet.

Casa del Custode

Bologna, Italy -  2014 - Collaborator: Francesco Zorzi

This proposal for a guardian’s house in Bologna is part of a competition announced by Casabella magazine. The project, located in the villa’s garden, focuses on the dualism between artificial objects and the natural environment, but keeps in mind the tradition of the main historical gardens. The house designed is composed by different geometrical elements which delimit and identify the two parts: a living space opened to the park and a second one closed and more private. The building is placed on a concrete basement that takes advantage of the natural slope to create a 16 m2 storage space. The ground floor has sliding windows that can be completely opened to therefore connect the internal and external space. The concrete staircase is painted in yellow and it works as furniture element which it divides the floor in two functional spaces and hosts all the kitchen equipments and living room’s furnitures. The first floor is divided is devided in two rooms with a private bathroom for each. The connection between the inside and the garden in this floor is completely opposite. Unlike the ground floor, it is closed and private: it opens only few views from small squared windows.


Florence, Italy - 2018 

The proposed project for this square in Florence is a small architecture of 1,5x1,5x1,95 meters. A new public device with a strong public value in this historical urban context. The main volume is covered with small Carrara marble tiles of 15x15 cm and it has a unique tap in brass with a diameter of 10 cm. The bench and the bottle support are done with two solid pieces of green marble from Prato. This new fountain for the public water distribution is an object which, using precise geometries and colors, relates with the tradition of Florence and changes use and perception of one the most important public space of Oltrarno neighborhood.