Margaux Desombre



Photography - Camille Innamorati

Margaux Desombre was born in 1988, she lives and works in Paris.
An architect by training, she devotes herself to painting and visual and spatial experimentation alongside her architectural practice.
Margaux Desombre's paintings question the relationship of man to his environment and climate, to the natural and the artificial.
The subject is always the real, whether it is transcribed by representations of physical, tangible, and concrete territories and spatialities; or by those more fantasized and evocative of the imagination.
From the series "Puisque du Monde nous (nous) sommes coupés", produced in April, a few fragments are presented here. During the period of confinement, the enforced immobility translated into a desire to see an outside world then impossible to grasp other than by thought or the fleeting illusion of memory.
Natural light, by its ripples during the hours of the day and its slow transformation during these two months, took shape as a physical and solid matter when it reached the interior of the domestic space.
These paintings illustrate these tiny fluctuations in the hours. As through a stained glass window, the eye perceives the materiality of light through spots of color and diffractions. This light, through the play of backlighting and vibrations, refers to the visual feeling of the phosphenes and to the imprecise and nebulous images that memory and dreams can produce.

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