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is an architectural studio based in Italy, France, and Switzerland.

Meis - Italian Jewish History New Museum


Ferrara, Italy - ongoing - Photography : MIBACT, G. Brini, G. Roli - Project team : Architecture: SCAPE -  Ludovica Di Falco with Alessandro Cambi  

Structural and plant engineering: Studio Arco - Rendering: MIR,Marco Tripodi

Client : MIBACT, City of Ferrara, MEIS Foundation - Project description: international competition, winning project

MEIS’s project has presented us with a place or landscape that is understood in the broadest sense of the terms as both complex and heterogeneous. It is a museum, but also a place of memory, part of the city, of the collective consciousness: a historical monument. The walling, typical of an ex prison, must turn into an element from which to re-generate the relationship with the city: transforming closure into opening and distance into proximity. The Museum of Italian Judaism will be a museum of the city, a museum for the city, an open space: some areas will be freely accessible, such as the entrance lobby, bookshop, restaurants, part of the temporary exhibition area and the garden. Volumetrically, the five elements coming in sequence one after another symbolically recall the five books of the Torah, the Pentateuch, becoming at the same time elements that contain and are contained. Prominent passages from the Torah, to be chosen with the Jewish community, will be written in bas-relief on the wall of the museum. The areas dedicated to exhibiting works of art have been conceived as neutral spaces so as not to interfere with elements on show: there will be a series of movable backdrops that can be placed in multiple configurations to generate varied possibilities of use for the space. All areas will be lit with indirect and diffuse zenithal lighting: by means of vertical apertures at the sides of the exhibition rooms, the city will enter and become a part of the construction of the internal space in a significant manner.


The design of Confcooper’s new offices involves the restoration of an historical building from thelate nineteenth century located in the consolidated fabric of Rome. Over the course of time the original building has undergone numerous changes that have altered the basic plan and the organisation of spaces.The building has six floors and a total surface area of about 4,000 sqm. The design by It’s defines a balance with respect to the different periods that co-exist in the building, creating a dialectic between the original nineteenth century elements and the more contemporary ones. The project constantly deals with two different eras: the historical aspect, retrieved by restoration of its original structure  freed of all the elements that had later compromised that identity – and the contemporary, introduced by means of the construction of new architecture. Areas of historic walling alternate with thin glass walls and classical materials such as marble are placed alongside new light materials such as reflective aluminium; a vertical green wall highlights the geometry of the stone courtyard.

HQ Confcoop

Rome, Italy - 2017, 2018 - Project team : Architect: It’s BIM: Parallel Digital Structural engineer : Dedalo Ingegneria

Client : Confcooper Società Cooperativa - Photography: Francesco Mattuzzi

HQ Confcoop

The recently completed building - which is It’s headquarters, together with Parallel Digital, the It’s branch devoted to BIM management, is the first step of a larger urban renewal over a 5000 square meters former industrial area : the plan foresees the refurbishment of some of the existing buildings, others will be demolished and new volumes will be realized to host start-up companies, innovative businesses and fab-labs.

Through the design of the common areas, the urban plan is conceived to favor encounters between users, so as to nurture the dynamics of exchange at the basis of innovation : it’s new headquarters aims to act as a connector for various entrepreneurial realities. "The goal is to evolve our architectural practice by hybridizing with other fields such as IT, visual design and new economy. Since there are no such a reality here in Rome so far we’ve decided to create one, as to trigger a continuous and successful exchange HUB is the physical manifesto of our way of thinking" as explain It’s founders. In this regard, in June 2018, it’s launched an open call to welcome innovative entrepreneurial realities, addressing in particular subjects active in the areas of augmented reality, visual data, video design. Now the building hosts the startup Ulis, engaged in social innovation, the Coder360 laboratory, aimed at forming new professions connecting humanities and coder formations, and 8 Production, an independent film production company.


Rome, Italy - 2019 - Photography: Javier Callejas 

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