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The office was founded in 2012 by Mario Benedetto Assisi e Valentina Milani and it is based in Ferrara, Italy.

La Chiesa del Buon Ladrone

San Lazzaro di Savena (BO), Italy - 2019 - with LADO architetti & LAMBER + LAMBER - Photography: Simone Bossi

Taking a cue from the archetypal image of a church, the design seeks an architecture devoid of piety, to loyally reflect the essence yet be immediately readable: sober, solemn, but not monumental. It echoes the mysticism of everyday life. 

The perimeter of the new church is defined by walls that bend and slide off each other, evolving into large half-open doors that signal two points of access to the main hall, in addition to the main entrance.

A continuous crack from heaven to earth and running along the entire roof, cuts and splits the building's shell, revealing the presence of the sky.

The main liturgical spaces have been organized along the perimeter, built in wall niches: the baptistery next to the entrance, the weekday chapel beside the altar and mirroring it, a cozy area dedicated to the choir. 

The resulting central void is dedicated to the assembly hall: an intimate and measured space whose fulcrum is the altar, around which the benches are arranged in a semicircle, like an embrace, to accommodate over 300 devotees.

La Chiesa del Buon Ladrone
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