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Apartment renovation in Bologna

Bologna, Italy - 2018

The project is a renovation of an apartment in Bologna. The flat, well distributed and functional, was perhaps lacking in character. The client, a young lady who has always worked abroad and who has lived and travelled in many countries, was looking for a bright, comfortable home that could be transformed according to current or future needs. The interior reflects the request for flexibility and cosy neutrality. The apartment was originally composed of two rooms, a dining room, a small kitchenette and a balcony. The client expresses the need for a large living space to host dinners or events but at the same time a guests room as well. The dining room and adjoining room were therefore joined by a large opening creating a wide, bright and south-facing living area. To guarantee a maximum degree of flexibility, so to be able to separate the rooms when needed, a double-leaf door has been designed with a rotary-rolling opening system that optimizes the opening space. The door and the wall have been covered with a stainless steel sheet up to 210 cm high to cast back the light and create new reflections mirroring the furnishings and objects present. In the bathroom the same stainless steel cladding is used to create a double wall, also 210 cm high, useful to manage the ducts passage, integrate the shower and the mirror and that could hide the shelves inside. The stainless steel cladding is the recurrent element that invests the kitchen, the living room and the bathroom. The wide use of an industrial material such as steel, resistant and economical, usually destined to spaces for professional activities or public spaces, becomes an expressive element a singular domesticity. White walls, light wood parquet flooring, define neutral and bright environments; the objects and the many books will animate with colour accents a house that is also seen as the space to collect the memories of visited places and countries.

Primary school in Cesenatico

Cesenatico, Italy - 2018

This project for a primary school on the Italian Riviera in the east coast is composed by three volumes surrounded by a screen permeable to wind and rain, able to filter the sun in summer, allowing the breezes to naturally ventilate the classrooms.
The pyramidal section allows to keep the height of the volume pretty low on the street level so that the building almost disappear hidden by  the existing trees. The central part is higher to host the school facilities like the gym and a 360° views outdoor terrace for extracurricular activities.

The dialogue with the surrounding context is strengthened by cuts in the outer envelope that offer privileged views to classrooms and create spaces open to the public.The building is sensitive, as the screen controls the shadow, the light and the air; contextual, since each side reacts differently to specific urban conditions or desired views; peculiar as it conveys a unique and specific image. Thanks to the screen, the passage between internal and external spaces is smooth and the overall image of the building is a light, translucent and changeable complex. The spaces created by the two layers of the facade will be accessible under control offering a wide range of possibilities for use with the same built-up area covered.