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Capture d’écran 2019-12-17 à

Giaime Meloni 

Paris, France


PhD in architecture and photographer. The aim of his work is to explore the role of the photography as a sensible instrument to narrate the space complexity.

His researches has been published in various publications (MAM Saint Etienne, INTRU) and exposed in different institutions (Lisbon Trienale, Pavillon de l'Arsenal). Giaime Meloni takes part in several International Conferences (CCA, FAUP).

He teaches photography as an instrument of the making ofnthe architectural design between France and Italy. 

contact: giaime meloni 

Atelier EGR  | Monumental |  research


Atelier EGR  | Jouques | exterior


Barrault Pressacco | Pierre | landscape 


Jean Benoît Vétillard | interior 

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