is an architectural office based in Paris, France. 

The apartment is situated within a Haussmanian-style building from 1910 in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, within the neighbourhood of Notre Dame des champs. With a surface area of 111 m², the apartment presents all of the features of its time. However, with the revamping it underwent at the hands of its successive owners, the apartment inevitably lost a part of its «soul». Indeed, the partitioning of the house had been modified repeatedly, so that the moldings and the walls were no longer connected, interrupting the readability of the space. 

The project was aiming to recapture the spatial coherence  of the place. The plan has been revised in order to restore certain rooms to their original dimensions as suggested by the layout of the ceiling moldings. In parallel,  the divisions of the main ‘living area’ of the apartment were revised. This way, kitchen, living room and dining room have been knocked down, offering one and the same space opened onto study/library. 

The parquets were renovated and reconstituted where they had been removed, while the storage areas were integrated into the background as much as possible not to detract from the view of the space. The mirror and the marble were key tools used to design and restructure the spaces: the Estremoz and its landscapes for the bathrooms, the Carrare and the Marquina for the kitchen and the entrance. 


Apartement Rue Cassette

Paris, 2020 - Photography: Lorenzo Zandri


An unused garage in a small garden makes the owner want to invest the place some other way and to transform it into a winter garden. The different openings created in the garage walls offer different views of the garden. The accordion bay window in lacquered/varnished white steel enable to open a whole wall section and to let the daylight or the summer night freshness go inside. The garden landscape arrangement has been too redesinged to make it less rectilinear and strict. 

Winter garden

Paris, 2020 - Photography: Lorenzo Zandri