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1-30 Novembre, web

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Eight architecture students from venice, close to the end of their studies, split around seven european cities. The bond between them has been this project, assembled by sixteen hands kilometers far from each other, with no occasion to phisycally meet, but with skype calls and a huge quantity of chats. In order to obtain the best possible result, we've decided to team up with graphic design office M-L-XL, based in Venice. The book will be printed by Grafiche Veneziane, published and distributed from Anteferma Edizioni

The book will be published in mid December 2019, so expect to have it under your Christmas tree!

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22 Novembre, Roma

Live on Hub  

Rome, (in) Land | Simone Bossi, opening 23 November

(in) Land is the first solo exhibition by Simone Bossi, a young architectural photographer among the most appreciated and promising of the contemporary scene. The distinctive character of his artistic imprint has attracted the attention of some of the most important magazines in the world of architecture, as he has photographed projects by Richard Serra, Piero Lissoni, Herzog & de Meuron and KAAN Architecten. The photos on display aim to highlight the most personal, hidden and creative aspects of his work; a deeply intimate undertaking that finds its maximum expression in the exploration of a cave. Since ancient times, the symbol of the cave has had disparate meanings: from the positive representation of the Mother Earth’s womb that welcomes, preserves and protects, to a darker interpretation as a frightening place, an antechamber of an underground world populated by monsters. According to Jung, it is the archetype of the maternal womb, a place of birth but also of danger. The cave is the perfect symbol of the unconscious.

Venerdì 22 novembre Studio Accurat e Antonello Romano saranno i protagonisti del secondo appuntamento di Live On HUB, il programma di incontri ideato da It's 8 Production e Ulis che intende approfondire i processi di trasformazione della società contemporanea e delle nuove tecnologie, indagandone l’impatto sul territorio, sulla collettività e sull’individuo. Aperta la riflessione sulla relazione tra dati ed essere umano introdotta dalla lecture di Salvatore Iaconesi e Oriana Persico, il secondo incontro metterà in dialogo lo Studio Accurat e Antonello Romano, che indagheranno il tema della geografia dei dati, le nuove interazioni digitali e le invisibilità spaziali che ne derivano, e le implicazioni sulle nostre attitudini sociali. Studio Accurat è società di ricerca e innovazione nel campo del data-driven design, con sedi a Milano e New York; Antonello Romano è un geografo e data scientist, si occupa di geografie digitali, piattaforme e Big data. Live On Hub prosegue a dicembre con Andrea Gaggioli, professore ed esperto in psicologia aumentata, a confronto con il filosofo Francesco D’Isa.

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Around the world

To fight climate change, we must all be active in all the ways we have available. Share and divulgate all projects aiming eco sostenibility , paying attention to urban greenery preserving the supreme heritage of our forests.


radioarchitettura wants to share all the projects that focus on protecting the forest and paying attention to urban greenery. Send us your project or tag our Instagram account @radioarchitettura and we will share it!

7 Novembre- 20 Dicembre, Milano 


Camp Design Gallery presents Movimento, a curatorial project by La Cube and Salvatore Peluso, with projects by nine design practices from Eindhoven, Madrid and Milan: Andrés Izquierdo, Elissa Lacoste, Inés Sistiaga + Lucas Munoz, La Cube, Matteo Pellegrino, Parasite 2.0, PLSTCT, Shahar Livne and Tellurico. In the Italian dictionary, among the meanings of Movimento (movement) you can find: “any phenomenon of aggregation and mobilisation of individuals who, as a result of socio-economic changes, develop consciousness about their social group identity and actively engage to achieve a change in their condition or in the political system itself.” The curatorial project proposed by La Cube and Salvatore Peluso is a network design, which brings together free and autonomous practices, unrelated to industrial logics and immediate functionality. Those presented at the Camp Design Gallery are projects that can tell stories, explore the possibilities of matter and its cultural meanings; they are projects that undermine the Western concept of comfort and that generate ambiguity rather than having a specific use. 

Camp Design Gallery 

Proud to be guests together with Acropolis and HPO!

Event organized by Caranto

Biblioteca Iuav


- Chi desidera ma non agisce alleva pestilenza, afferma William Blake. Qual è quindi il desiderio comune che lega queste esperienze di cultura studentesca?
Probabilmente la risposta che più si avvicina all’univocità è una visione dell’università non come industria dell’istruzione quanto come universo dell’educazione. 


17 Ottobre, Venezia 

Una testa ben fatta