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Cyrille Weiner

Paris, France


In his meticulous, on-site documentary-style investigations, artist Cyrille Weiner regularly raises the issue of space – especially in its marginal and transformational dimensions. Speculating insistently as to how individuals can make the places they live in their own, at a remove from directives from “higher up”, Weiner gradually abandons the purely docu- mentary in favour of a fiction pervaded world which he portrays in exhibitions, publishing projects and installations. Born in 1976, he is the author of Presque île (villa Noailles éditions), Twice (19/80 Editions) and La Fabrique du pré (Filigranes Editions). Cyrille Weiner is co-founder of atmosphériques narratives, an editorial and creative consultancy studio dedicated to architecture and transforming contemporary territories.

contact : Cyrille Weiner

Rudy Ricciotti | Stade de Vitrolles

Stade de Vitrolles

Superquadras | research


Jour de fêtes | research

Alain Guiheux and Dominique Rouillard / Architecture Action Becleu | exterior

Jour de fêtes
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