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José Lobo Almeida

is an architectural studio based in Porto, Portugal.

Casa dos Feitais


Mangualde, Portugal

Feitais House (1870), is part of the rural centre of the village of Contenças de Baixo, in a mountainous landscape shaped by the Mondego River.
The demolition of the roofing and surrounding walls of the former wine press adjoining the House allowed to create a new garden space, and now the common rooms of the House face it through three new glazed openings. The base of the former wine press was transformed into the access platform of the new pool.
The stone masonry resulting from the demolished buildings, which over time were obstructing the courtyard, was enough to build the surrounding walls of the new building. With the width of the former caretaker's house, is located in the southern edge of the forecourt in an explicit commitment to the landscape.

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