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The Gate of Time

Paris, France - 2018 - Photography: Simone Bossi

Called to operate this historical apartment transformation in the very center of Paris, I quickly considered this project as a topic of atmosphere and a reflection about Time. I felt it on visiting the location at first sight: we are somewhere – here – but not only in the now. We are yesterday, we are a year ago, we are centuries ago. Chasing an out of time atmosphere will be the God of this intervention, the Goal Of every Decision, the circle of thinking, the one to look for, the one to look up to : here God's atmosphere will be Time.  I created three guidelines as the foundation of this atmosphere: Technique, Ambience, Space. This triangle of vectors would then answer respectively to what I consider as the starting landscape of any architectural project: Pragmatic context, Historical context, Theoretical context. The three makes the one. The one is the question and its answer. The apartment was old and dusty; intellectually attractive, poetically seductive, but out of topic in this environment, in an area where a square meter is sold for a year of an average worker's salary. We changed everything, we showed nothing. The paradox of being able to choose not to show everything suggests that you have more; a sort of Lutheran hypocritical modesty, of wealthy decency. The floor heats you, the walls heat you, light is dimmable and music is everywhere. Technique is everywhere but nowhere.


Paris, France - 2019 - Photography: Simone Bossi

Located on the top floor of an industrial building from the early 20th century, at the very top of Montmartre hill in Paris, this apartment had a sprawling view over the city skyline with a powerful natural light. We found on site a glossy white ceramic tile floor, which, interacting with the sun, became the main vector of this project: like skating on ice, like pyramids in the white sand, every vertical intervention was considered as raising a monument from scratch, standing alone in this ocean of reflection. Wood, marble, steel and iconic self-standing accessories were used to rise contrasted materiality from this immaculate floor, creating an interior forest of tiny monuments, in dialogue with the spellbinding view outside. Living here is curated.

Cine Città

Paris, France - 2019 - Photography: Simone Bossi

Located just outside of Paris, at the foot of the Vincennes forest, we came across this apartment as prim and proper as it would have been on day . Completely preserved from the concept of time, every little detail was in its original state of construction from when it was built and conceived in the late 60s. Our first idea was to create a museum, a replica of Tati movie interiors. Until this one sunny afternoon during a visit on site: our mood was definitely somewhere in the 60s, but our spirit was on the Italian Riviera. Or Rome. But with Jep Gambardella. We got to thinking about round golden mirrors for Barrocco, an abundance of swaying curtains for changing decors, changing dresses, about different scenari for the photographer to shoot his actress. Pink, dark green, Klein blue, luxurious 'Point de Hongrie" floors and alabaster Chareau lamps… Everything here is made for Play. Fare un casino. It's Cine Città in Paris.