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is an architectural practice based in Peschiera del Garda, founded in 2013 by Nicola Bedin, Andrea Castellani, Matteo Fiorini, Paolo Rigodanzo. CLAB identifies itself by its heterogeneous approach to field of architecture as a fusion of different cultural and formative backgrounds. Our approach comes from experiences made in several international architectural firms, which help us to wide our vision and improve our architectural background.

San Cristoforo Urban Center


Mantova, Italy - 2017 - Photography : Giuseppe Gradella 

The project proposes a re-reading of the space of the deconsecrated Church of San Cristoforo. The new functional program is organized around a single central element positioned in the main aisle in correspondence with the current entrance. A suspended volume, which organizes the space without interruption, separates the conference area of the area used for the buffet and identifies the entrance and service routes in the same way. The suspended wooden structure is wrapped in a white fabric that defines its volume and forms the background for the projections. The platform, made of coniferous multilayer, in addition to seating, can accommodate a small stage for theater and music events.

San Cristoforo
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