in an architectural studio based in Barcellona, Spain.

Casa La Galera

Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona), Spain - team: Jordi Calbetó and Oriol Vañó, Federico Acetti, Laura Antolín and Laura Gutiérrez -  Photography: Filippo Poli


The building “La Galera” was built in 1865 and occupies a whole block of the Gumà building expansion in Vilanova i la Geltrú, the first major urban growth around the old town of the two original centres of the city. Close to Plaça de la Vila and Rambla Principal, this unique building was promoted by Joan Samà. A rich Indian man in La Habana who was able to accumulate an important property asset in Vilanova, like this housing block that is known to be the Civil Guard station for decades, but also for hosting other social headquarters and relevant cultural entities. La Galera thus describes, an absolutely atypical structural infrastructure for a multi-family residential built in the middle of 19 th century, where apart from a bearing perimeter façade, two longitudinal walls of three heights are constructed forming a large system of arches. Our proposal has been based on making these walls composed of arches visible, turning them into the focus of the house and adding them value as structural rhythm.

Casa Lluna

Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona), Spain - team: Jordi Calbetó and Oriol Vañó, Federico Acetti, Pep Vinuesa - Photography: Adrià Goula


Casa Lluna, located in Vilanova i la Geltru's old town was imagined as a streetscape inside a domestic space. A series of doors and windows overlook the central area of the house. The demolition of part of the slab on the first floor multiplies natural light transforming this former carpenter's workshop into a peculiar streetscape. The introduction of natural light enhances also the spatial relation between the studio, the dining, and the living areas of the house. Ultimately, this new illuminated area appears as the core of the house around which the rest of the rooms are organized.


Casa Gal-la

Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona), Spain - team: Jordi Calbetó and Oriol Vañó and Josep Massana, Federico Acetti and Laura Gutiérrez

Photography: Filippo Poli

This main through apartment started from a conventional structure organized with enclosed spaces, a distributive corridor and a small south-facing balcony. The new design expands the house with a new terrace in the block’s courtyard and arranges the interior rooms to bring them closer to the expanded open space. The project was born with the purpose of obtaining more diaphanous spaces, where the terrace, living room, kitchen and study pieces have been linked, blurring the limits of the living areas and looking for a chain of open spaces with a direct visual relationship with the exterior of the house.