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In the history of Literature, the origin of the Bestiario dates back to the Middle Age and it is usually described as a volume containing descriptions and combinations of different parts of real and imaginary animals with the aim both to teach morals and entertain people. The Bestiario is indeed a 'dream book' able to display an unknown universe generated by the men's imagination in a game of real and fantastic.
Our Bestiario is an investigation, a study, a research. Bestiario brings forward this idea with a series of animal sketches by architects from all over the world, studying the possible link with the architect’s greater vision and style.

With a preface by the Chilean architect Smiljan Radic, from whom it all began, the publication is now available to order.

Write us to book your own copy.

Bestiario in an ongoing project led by Rosamaria Campisi, Camille Innamorati, Matilde Mellini, and Eva Portoghese.
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