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Toulouse, France - 2018

Masonry fence defining an semi-buried outbuilding at the bottom of a plot : room/workshop and cellar. Cast in place concrete tanking, concrete slab, galvanised half porticos frames, corugated galvanised steel roof and ceiling, woodwool insulation, Monomur brick walls, galvanised steel windows frames composed of 5 fixed glass, 2 « à la française » doors and 2 projection windows. Sanded concrete, monomur walls, birch plywood, galvanised steel and glass.


Toulouse, France - 2018


Toulouse, France - 2018

Existing plastered brick wall left rough, concrete heating/cooling slabs, bonded glaze to galvanised seel frame, wood wool, aluminium vapour barrier, birch plywoodTwo concrete beams stand on the existing brick wall, their edges hoverhang   Offices floor, thermal regulation trhough heating/colling slabs, completing insulation by sheating the façade from inside.