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Aut-Aut Architettura


is an architectural office based in Rome, Italy. 

Was founded in 2016 by four young professionals aiming to establish a platform open to multiple collaborations and contaminations inside and outside the discipline. Context understanding is the fundamental precondition in our approach, definable as strategic and devoted to a cultural production which aims to propel social enhancement

Children's Home in Nosy

Nosy Be, Madagascar - 2019 

Children's Home

“Giovanna per il Madagascar Onlus” is an NPO active in Madagascar for 20 years now. More specifically it operates in Nosy Be island, assisting children affected by diabetes and limb malformations.Since Madagascar is characterised by high poverty rates and low literacy rates, the NGO is undertaking now a new mission to help abandoned children, providing them a home where to sleep and where daily meals are available, a place where they can be treated by doctors and a community where they can study and play.“CSSJB” made available a plot in the outskirts of Hell Ville where to build a Children’s home for 36 kids.

Hotel delle Muse

Rome, Italy - 2018, ongoing 

Hotel delle Muse is a three-star hotel hosted in a beautiful building of the beginning of the XX Century located in a very quiet and green residential area of Rome, Parioli, which is traditionally considered its most elegant. The clients asked for the progressive renovation of the interiors, commencing from the rooms up to the common spaces of restaurant, bar, and meeting room. The project wants to revive the stylistic coherence between the building and the interiors that has been lost over time. At the same time the hotel is rejuvenated introducing a charming and captivating atmosphere.

Hotel delle Muse
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