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Arcipelago Italia  
Gibellina, Italy  - 2018 Photography: Urban Reports

Gibellina was completely destroyed by a terrible earthquake in 1968. It was later rebuilt among the vineyards of an ancient valley, not far from the original town. During the reconstruction, many artists and architects realized sculptures and buildings in order to give the new town a good cultural influence. However, some of those buildings were never completed. Today New Gibellina offers a great challenge aiming to create growth and development for the present and future generations through the completion of those structures. 

Balestrate Seafront 

Balestrate, Italy - 2014 - Photography: Mauro Filippi

The seafront in Balestrate is a thin white strip of land lying between the geometrically built residential area of the town and the uncertain and changing profile of the beach lapped by the sea waves. Along that strip of land rests a paved promenade with wooden footbridges and steps which plunge into the sand like slender offshoots leading towards the sea water. It consists of a few elements which are repeated along the waterfront with some variations now and then, and it is built with local essential materials: indeed, it appears like a very simple frame compared to the beauty of the surrounding panorama.