is an architectural office based in Paris, France. 

Abaco conceived the concept store for an Italian fashion brand by designing a metallic sculpture like a conceptual dress to create a sequence of micro-spaces. The simplicity of one single line is here to represent the brand’s identity and to make the most of a narrow boutique located in the historic center of Padova, Italy. The idea of motion and the scale of the human body were central in defining the space. The structure is imagined like a wearable sculpture. Like an architecture of the body. That was accomplished through a minimalist intersection of metal and light.
A continuous line - made of black lacquered steel - draws the space of the store and articulates different functions and moments. The store is uniquely made of steel and light poetically interwoven.


No-stop steel

Padova, Italy - 2018 / 2020 - Photography: Giovanni Campaci

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